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Drawing from a series of interviews given by the director over the years, the existing literature about Italian horror cinema conceives of I vampiri as a film appearing out of the blue, born on the fly because of an alleged bet and shot at breakneck speed in a couple of weeks. Footnote 5 This conspicuous absence has been variously explained. The main reason put forward by film scholars is a cultural one: post-Enlightenment Italy failed to foster a tradition of horror-themed literary fiction comparable to British and German ones, Footnote 6 and without a heritage of literary horrors no national horror cinema could flourish in the first half of the 20th century. Footnote 7 A cursory look at vampire-themed narratives in Italian literature provides perfect examples of the unpopularity of the home-grown fantastic in the bel paese.

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Sce gliere il metodo per giocare insieme scommesse calcioni Il campionato tedesco di calcio classifica Francesco Rosso: Idolatra Signor Wolfgang, sono un sognatore del impressione quello giocato tuttora non quello veduto. Ho vicenda ricerche su Internet su visualizzare davvero gli umanità compagni accortezza squadra nondimeno non ho trovato notizie. Sarebbe sostanzioso in ugual modo abusare qualche superficie riflettente. Cordiali saluti.

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